ALSAN 770 / 770TX, ALSAN 770

ALSAN 770 / ALSAN 770 TX are high‐performance, PMMA based resins with low‐temperature flexibility. The resins are, used in conjunction with reinforcement fleece, to create seamless, durable and reliable waterproofing membranes. They can also be used to waterproof movement joints.

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ALSAN 770 / 770TX, ALSAN 770

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2-component, fast-curing and highly flexible PMMA-based (polymethyl methacrylate) waterproofing resins.

+ highly flexible and crack‐bridging even at extreme sub‐zero temperatures
+ permanently weather‐resistant
+ UV, hydrolysis and alkali resistant
+ fully bonded to the substrate, therefore no water ingress
+ easy and fast application
+ the most complex roof penetrations can be securely incorporated into the seamless waterproofing system
+ fast-curing
+ can also be applied at sub zero temperatures
+ can be applied to almost all substrates, including substrates of variable materials (in combination with the right ALSAN PMMA primer)
+ solvent‐free
+ ALSAN 770 / ALSAN 770 TX have a test certification and an European Technical Approval (ETA) for roof waterproofing system application and for the waterproofing of joints on water‐impermeable concrete units.

Technical agreements, Certifications

Take a look at the technical datasheet for more information.





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