ALSAN FLEECE P is a perforated synthetic-fibre fleece specially designed for use with ALSAN PMMA waterproofing resins. The fleece enables the layer thickness to be controlled when applying waterproofing resins and also has a strengthening and crack-bridging effect in the hardened waterproofing layer.

Long description, Frame of uses, Advantages

Specific synthetic-fibre fleece with a weight per unit area of 110 g/m².

+ High tear strength and tear-propagation resistance
+ High elongation at break
+ Specially designed for use with ALSAN PMMA’s waterproofing resins in terms of material properties, thickness and degree of density
+ Facilitates easy and reliable application of waterproofing with layer thickness control function

Technical agreements, Certifications

Take a look at the technical datasheet for more information.

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