SOPRANATURE WSM-50 is a structural, stable water reservoir panel made out of hydrophilic mineral wool that enables the Intensive Green Roof System to retain water naturally, similar to the manner in which clay or sub-soils retain water.

Long description, Frame of uses, Advantages

The panels have a water retention capacity of approx. 40 l/m² at a build-up depth of only 50 mm. Owing to the limited amount of compressibility, the panels have been approved as a substrate substitute in accordance with the FLL-Green Roof Guideline for the planning, execution and upkeep of green roof sites (2008). Through direct contact of the water reservoir panels with the substrate layer, the vegetation is able to regulate its own water balance, as nature intended. When the water reservoir panels become saturated, surplus water is discharged. By using the SOPRANATURE WSM-50, there is no build-up of hydrostatic pressure against the waterproofing membrane.

Needed tools, installation instructions

SOPRANATURE WSM-50 is applied in the Intensive Green Roof system. Always consult the local regulations and contact the manufacturer for technical questions.

Technical agreements, Certifications

Take a look at the technical datasheet for more information.




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