Even when the typical waterproofing membranes are difficult to apply, SOPREMA has the perfect solution for you. Our liquid appllied waterproofing systems were specifically developed for this. Moreover they are directly accessible without supplementary protection (eg tiles) In the following cases we advice you to use liquid applied systems: – Delicate works that prohibit the use of membranes: domes, gutters, wet rooms, stairs, gangways, damp areas,… – Areas where seams are prohibited: dust-free zones, laboratories,… – Projects that do not allow the torch-on method – Projects with difficult access for material that takes up a lot of space.

4 products

  • ALSAN 071, Alsan® 071  

    ALSAN 071 is a liquid anti-flow additive to increase the viscosity and thixotropy of ALSAN PMMA resins.
  • ALSAN 072 RS

    ALSAN 072 RS is a PMMA based, fast-curing repair mortar used for filling and smoothing over faults and cavities in the substrate. Its properties also make it ideal for use…
  • ALSAN 074

    ALSAN 074 is a PMMA based fast-curing and flexible product used to fill small cracks and joints as well as to smooth out areas of minor unevenness. It is used…
  • ALSAN 075

    ALSAN 075 is a PMMA based, highly flexible, fibre-filled waterproofing product for sealing minor penetrations, e.g. screws. It allows these penetrations to be waterproofed and incorporated safely into the main…