The core activity of SOPREMA is without a doubt the development of bituminous membranes with exceptional resistance and durability. These characteristics are the result of the continuous development by the SOPREMA R&D teams. This enables us to provide all architectural possibilities: flat, domed, monopitch, coloured, accessible roofs…

The SOPREMA membranes are divided into different product ranges of modified bitumen, elastomeric (SBS) and plastomeric (APP). They can be applied by torch-on, adhered, mechanically fixed and self-adhesive methods.

2 products


    DUOFLEX is a high quality elastomeric bituminous block to be used on a roof in a standard bitumen boiler for hot bonding application at 155°C to 180°C.

    TR200 DUOFLEX Fleece 50g is a non woven polyester fleece used as reinforcement in the Duoflex hot-melt waterproofing system.