It’s true! PAVATEX insulation material is made of wood fibre


That’s right, nowadays you can even insulate buildings using wood chips. PAVATEX, SOPREMA’s range of natural insulation products, includes innovative insulation materials made of woodfibre. This article explains why this particular insulation solution is definitely worth considering for your project.


We must keep the added value in products for as long as possible and aim to eliminate waste, keep resources within the economy when a product has reached the end of its life, so that they can be productively used again and again and hence create further value.

A transition to a more circular economy requires significant changes from product design to new business and market models, new ways of turning waste into a resource to new modes of consumer behaviour.

This will involve:

  • technologies
  • organisation
  • society
  • finance methods
  • policy

In the age of global warming, environmentally friendly insulation materials have become indispensable. Consequently, more and more companies opt to manufacture building materials according to the circular economy principle of zero waste. To produce PAVATEX, for example, trees are not required  to be cut down due to the fact that waste from sawmills suffices as a raw material source. The wood chips even act as an additional CO₂ buffer.


Woodfibre insulation has all the properties needed to create a pleasant living environment. The vapor-open and moisture regulating structure ensures a pleasant indoor climate for any home or office building. In addition, PAVATEX acts as excellent acoustic insulation as well, blocking out disturbing ambient sounds. Finally, the woodfibres keep temperature fluctuations at bay, so that your home doesn’t become a sauna in the summer and keeps warmth inside during the winter. In short, PAVATEX insulation guarantees maximum comfort at home as well as a lower energy bill.

Installers also get to enjoy a number of advantages, all PAVATEX products are easy to cut and install causing no irritation.

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What’s in a name? Plenty of information as far as Pavaflex is concerned. A PAVATEX product, Pavaflex insulation boards are renowned for their flexibility. Their thermal performance isn’t too shabby either: having a lambda value of only 0.036 W / mK, Pavaflex Plus offers the best insulation value out of all-natural insulation materials on the market. Pavaflex Plus is suitable for insulating roofs, mezzanine floors and internal walls, among other applications.

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