EFYOS XPS insulation: a perfect match for circular building processes

EFYOS XPS insulation


EFYOS XPS insulation has long been specified by architects looking for a robust product. Which is hardly surprising, given the advantages it has to offer. EFYOS XPS or extruded polystyrene insulation is, amongst other things, mould and moisture resistant, easy to install and 100% recyclable, and it provides exceptional compressive strength. EFYOS XPS insulation boards can be perfectly separated from the other layers (when a building shell gets disassembled) and are neatly processable for reuse. In this article, we discuss the many applications of EFYOS XPS insulation.

1.    Flat roofs

EFYOS XPS is ideal for flat roof applications given the minimal moisture absorption. More specifically, our multi-functional EFYOS XPS SL boards are perfectly suited for inverted roofs, which only require 300 kPa. If more compressive strength is required, you can opt for either EFYOS XPS 500 or EFYOS XPS 700.

2.    EFYOS XPS insulation in foundations

EFYOS XPS is frequently used in basements as well as foundation walls. In these environments, our EFYOS XPS SL boards provide proven performance. The product’s closed cell structure prevents moisture-absorption, making it the perfect choice for installation below ground, where it keeps out mould and retains its excellent lambda values year after year. To filter ground water and improve drainage, you can add a PROTECDRAIN FILTER on top of the waterproofing and the EFYOS XPS insulation layer.

3.    Insulation for floors and car parks

Floors and car parks cannot do without moisture-resistant insulation either, but these environments require insulation boards that meet yet another important prerequisite. High compressive strength is key here. Depending on your needs, EFYOS XPS 500 (max. 500 kPa) or EFYOS XPS 700 (max. 700 kPa) offers sufficient load-bearing capacity. These products not only make for excellent thermal insulation; they are pressure-resistant and dimensionally stable, too. The insulation boards are often loose laid, because sufficient ballast would be added later on. You are guaranteed to get a perfect result using EFYOS XPS, especially if you combine it with our ALSAN liquid parking solutions.

4.    Circular building processes

PIR remains widely used. It has improved thermal performance over EFYOS XPS but unfortunately it cannot be recycled. EFYOS XPS represents a more than worthy alternative. EFYOS XPS insulation boards are not only produced using climate-friendly CO2 technology, they are also 100% recyclable – a perfect match for circular building processes which will continue to gain in popularity in the years to come. By implementing circular solutions based on performance instead of consumption, buildings will function as a deposit for resources. So materials are regarded as temporarily stored in a building and are reused and recycled. EFYOS XPS insulation boards can be perfectly separated from the other layers (when a building shell gets disassembled) and are neatly processable for reuse.

A board for every application

SOPREMA offers a wide range of EFYOS XPS insulation boards, each with their own unique characteristics. To select the right product for your project, consider the following:

  • Does your project need high compressive strength properties? If so, how much kPa should the material be able to withstand?
  • Which type of surface would work best for you? Do you prefer a smooth insulation board, or rather one with a rough surface that is ready to receive render finishes?
  • Will you opt for a board with a tongue-groove edge profile, a rebate edge or a square edge?

No matter your requirements, we have the type of insulation board you need. Make sure to check the technical data sheets, which clearly list the properties of all our products, or to get in touch with our waterproofing and insulation experts. They are always happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Any questions about EFYOS XPS insulation?

Do you have any questions about the different EFYOS XPS insulation applications, or are you still looking for the perfect insulation material for your construction project? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts.