Synthetic copper waterproofing system for luxury hotel


The Kurhaus hotel is an iconic building in the Netherlands which was built in 1885 on the coast of Scheveningen. The luxurious 5-star hotel offers deluxe rooms, fine dining, amazing views of the North Sea and a lot of history. The Kurhaus’s copper roof was in need of replacement; over the years, it had been weathered by the wind, sand and sea air due to the hotel’s coastal location.

The challenge faced by the owners of the Kurhaus was how to replace the 3,000m2 copper roof while conserving the local heritage and design of this very prestigious hotel. SOPREMA’s Flagon PVC Copper Art membrane was presented as a solution to this challenge. It was chosen as it was able to deliver the beautiful aesthetics of a traditional metal profile yet provide performance advantages associated with modern waterproofing technology.

The finished installation looks really striking. The membrane contains copper particles which makes it look like an authentic copper roof. Over time, the membrane will change in colour, as a real copper roof would, from a light copper to a darker patinated copper. A traditional copper roof, although beautiful, has a value to it and is often seen as an easy target by the opportunist. Flagon PVC Copper Art membrane however solves this problem as it has no resale value in comparison and therefore prevents theft and gives peace of mind to the client.

Flagon PVC Copper Art was also chosen because it is fleece-backed, used to help hide any unevenness from the existing roof substrate. The client also wanted a fully adhered application instead of mechanically fixed to ensure it was durable and able to withstand the strong sea wind. SOPREMA’s Flagon PVC Copper Art has grown in popularity over the years and is also available in silver. When compared to a copper roof, Flagon PVC Art membranes are cost efficient and also easier to install. Certain risks are also eliminated such as theft, cold bridging, air tightness, corrosion and water ingress at penetrations. The membrane can also accommodate complex profiles and designs making it a really flexible system.

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