IKEA Dublin


The 32 million Euro IKEA store in Ballymun is the first in Ireland. Close to the airport and M50 Motorway and part of the Masterplan for Ballymun Regeneration. The fast track building incorporated comprehensive initiatives to embrace energy conservation, sustainable building design, planning and building management.


IKEA considers the construction of its buildingsshould reflect the company’s renowned efficiency and be hallmarks in their own right. Not only does Ikea have a policy of seeking to reduce the environmental impact of its buildings, its IGR initiative ‘IKEA Goes Renewable’ is for 100% renewable energy in all stores. The Flag TPO was installed with a rainwater harvesting system, and had to accomodate potential for structural movement.


Specialist roofing contractor Multiroofing systems was employed to install the membrane in what was a highly complex specification. The Flag TPO membrane was chosen because of its inherent flexibility, adaptability to structural movements, long life expectancy and WRAS potable water certification. This had been confirmed on earlier IKEA new build and refurbishment projects, including Thurrock, Wembley, Wednesbury and Croydon stores in the UK, totalling 71,000sqm among a total of 22 stores accross Europe.


For such a wide roof span and low pitch the system’s light weight and guarantee of performance for 25 years, offer clear performance benefits in keeping with the client’s requirements for demonstratable sustainability.


Stephen Pettyfer Construction Manager of IKEA properties Investments Ltd. commented “Environmental impact is at the heart of our building’s designsand the TPO system has proved to be a very good choice.” Multiroofing Systems MD Barry Sharkey added ‘The Soprema TPO system was a very good product to work with. TPO membranes by nature are more rigid and can prove difficult to weld in certain circumstances. However, this was not our experience with the Soprema Flag TPO membrane, which is surprisingly flexible and we found it particularly easy to weld. This is certainly an advantage when it comes to detail work. Our overall experience with the membrane was a good one and we will have no hesitation in working with it again.