Packaging change : Alsan Flashing Jardin


Alsan  Flashing Jardin from SOPREMA is a ready to use waterproofing resin composed of bitumen and polyurethane with anti-root penetration properties. It offers an innovative solution that guarantees reliable waterproofing and eliminates the need to install bituminous membranes on upstands and details.

The Alsan Flashing Jardin system is specifically designed for flat roofing applications and can be applied to upstands and details on new or refurbishment projects, in conjunction with SOPREMA bituminous waterproofing systems. Alsan Flashing Jardin is root resistant and suitable for waterproofing upstands and details in direct contact with green roof systems.


• Flame-free application

• Exceptional adherence to virtually any substrate

• Simple installation offering a seamless finish

• 100% compatible with SOPREMA bituminous membranes

• Anti-root penetration properties for green roof applications

• For use on upstands and detail work on new build or refurbishment projects

• Applied with a roller, according to technical instructions


The Alsan Flashing Jardin of 5kg will now only be available in a metallic bucket. The plastic bucket is now only in stock for a limited period. The packaging of 2.5kg and 12kg remain unchanged.

Please contact SOPREMA if you would like more information on Alsan  Flashing Jardin.