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Flagon PVC synthetic copper art


If you are looking for an alternative to a copper roof, SOPREMA offer the perfect solution with their FLAGON PVC SYNTHETIC ‘COPPER ART’ waterproofing systems.

SOPREMA’s FLAGON copper art membrane is a synthetic waterproofing membrane that is UV and tear resistant. It is highly aesthetic and provides many performance benefits including waterproofing and accommodating complex profile such as wave form roofs, cupolas and mono pitched roofs. Standing seam profiles can also be added to the membrane in order to provide the same visual appearance of a traditional copper roof with folded seams.

At SOPREMA, we continue to invest in research and product innovation in order to deliver products that meet the needs of clients and specifiers. FLAGON copper art membrane is an evolution of SOPREMA’s single-ply PVC waterproofing membrane.

During the manufacturing process of Copper Art PVC single-ply membrane, real copper particles are used within the membrane. The membrane takes on the patina of age turning from a bright new copper colour to a darker tawny copper when exposed to the elements.

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