Flag silver art by SOPREMA: Join the aluminium revolution



Soprema’s Silver Art Flag membrane is an innovative combination of real aluminium particles and proven waterproofing membrane that guarantees; 3D flexibility, perfect application on unusual designs, a visually stunning alternative to traditional metal roofing.

Silver Art membrane is the perfect synthesis between quality and aesthetics, suitable for mechanically fixed or fully adhered systems. The silver effect is produced by the aluminium particles which give the silver finish to the waterproofing membrane, onto which standing seam profiles can be heat welded.

Furthermore, the product quality is enhanced by the remarkable ecological value of the system. The membrane and standing seam profiles are fully recyclable and comply with the requirements of the European consortium – ROOFCOLLECT.

Thanks to the versatility of this system, even the most ambitious and imaginative designs can be achievedwithout forfeiting technical specification or waterproofing capability. Silver art can follow and adapt to even the most complex shapes and details, where aesthetics are as much a priority as the most advanced technology – making it a cost effective and state of the art alternative to traditional metal on new build and refurbishment projects.