Ambior: when Ambiorix meets Mammoth

Ambiorix meets Mammoth



Over the next three to five years, SOPREMA will be building a high-tech insulation factory and a central distribution centre at a brand-new Ambior site in Tongeren, Belgium. A substantial investment, as the project is estimated at 50 to 60 million euros, and another mammoth step towards sustainable development!


SOPREMA has gained the new site in Tongeren as its next new base for Ambior. The name consists of two parts; ‘ambi’, referring to ambition as well as the cool ambiance of the site itself, and ‘or’ which stands for orange – a colour used throughout the XPS range. At the same time, the name Ambior is a tribute to Ambiorix, who famously lived in Tongeren, and the ‘M’ in the logo is a playful nod to the mammoth. Nevertheless, the company doesn’t dwell on the past. On the contrary, Ambior’s mission is to become an innovative knowledge hub and a benchmark for insulation in Belgium. Something which can only be achieved by taking values from the past and giving them a new and more sustainable meaning.


Acting both as a factory and distribution centre, Ambior will produce XPS insulation and deliver it to customers based in Northern and Western Europe. XPS is an innovative alternative to traditional insulation that is becoming increasingly popular with installers, specifiers and building merchants for several reasons:

  • XPS can be used as insulation for a wide range of purposes, including (foundation) walls, floors, roofs, façades and car parks.

  • The well-insulating boards are pressure-resistant and dimensionally stable, moisture-resistant and 100% recyclable.

  • Both the factory premises and the production process itself leave the smallest possible ecological print, with zero waste and minimal CO2 impact.


Ambior’s ambitious and sustainable story also includes a chapter on talented and driven employees, all of whom will get to attend a thorough one-year training programme in Spain and France. Ambior will create around 150 jobs, and employees will get the chance to help build the factory from the ground up. In this respect, Ambior remains faithful to SOPREMA’s philosophy, striving to develop a pleasant workplace where personal development is encouraged. It’s this great sense of belonging together with the ambition of bringing top-quality products and services to market which will undoubtedly make this new site a success.