Tried and tested: should you opt for PVC or TPO roofing?

Tried and tested: should you opt for PVC or TPO roofing?


Whether roofs are flat or pitched, synthetic roofing is the ideal solution for complex shapes. Both TPO and PVC waterproofing membranes are popular applications in industrial roofing, and easy to process. But how do you decide which of these materials is the most suitable for your project?

PVC roofing excels at flexibility

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is easy to process and frequently used in construction and for industrial purposes. What’s more, PVC is very budget-friendly compared to other materials. What exactly makes PVC so perfect for roofing, you ask? Simple. The material is …

  • very flexible

  • resistant to breaking and tearing

  • easy to weld

  • available in various colours, even including copper and aluminium hues (great for architectural highlights)

  • resistant to extreme weather conditions and UV radiation

TPO roofing: the cream of the crop

Just like PVC, TPO (thermoplastic olefin) makes for an ideal roofing material. So, what exactly is the difference between the two? TPO has all the qualities of PVC but throws in a few extra advantages as well. TPO is renowned for its …

  • chemical resistance: TPO isn’t easily affected by chemicals

  • dimensional stability: TPO doesn’t shrink or expand quickly

  • high resistance to moisture, heat and micro-organisms

  • longer lifespan due to the absence of plasticizers, which makes it suitable for installation underneath solar panels

Opting for synthetic roofing

FLAG, the SOPREMA group’s range of plastic membranes, is the result of nearly 50 years of experience in synthetic roofing. Our experts know all about PVC and TPO’s specific properties and have the ideal solution in store for every application. Still not quite sure whether PVC or TPO is the best choice for you? While PVC in itself is a durable material, TPO is still slightly more qualitative. SOPREMA, by the way, offers both types of waterproofing membranes. Feel free to contact our experts if you need help picking out the very best material for your project.