The importance of a high quality roof primer

The importance of a high quality roof primer


A bituminous roof primer, is used to prime surfaces prior to the application of bituminous membranes. In this article, you will find out why a quality primer is so important within bituminous waterproofing systems.

What does a roof primer do?

A bituminous roof primer seals and primes the substrate, such as concrete, masonry and timber, ready to install the bituminous roof membrane. You can think of this primer as a kind of essential link, which ensures optimal adhesion of the roof covering. On some materials such as concrete or stone, dust always remains and by using a high quality bituminous roof primer, you can be sure of a good fixation layer.

What are the characteristics of a good primer?

A high-quality primer needs to provide good coverage of the surface, so that the bituminous membranes adhere to the roof surface. In addition, it is crucial that the roof primer you use is suitable for the roof covering you have chosen. For self-adhesive applications, you would use a different type of primer than you would for a torched on  bituminous membrane.

Sustainability takes priority

SOPREMA is striving to reduce and ultimately completely phase out the use of solvents and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in its products. This is the result of our drive to develop sustainable products which started more than twenty years ago and our strong desire to improve the working conditions of installers and fire safety. Incidentally, did you know that at SOPREMA we award all our ecological efforts with the Ecostruction label that was specially created for this purpose.

Discover the roof primers from SOPREMA

You will find various primers in the SOPREMA range for different bituminous applications. The following are just a few examples:

This is a cold-applied, fast drying bitumen roof primer. This primer is used an an adhesive layer for concrete, metal and wood substrates before welding (torch-on or hot-air method) or for increased adherence of bituminous self-adhesive waterproofing membranes.

This is a cold-applied, solvent-free primer. This primer is suitable as an adhesive layer to ensure good adhesion of welded bituminous membranes. In addition, Aquadere primer has the Ecostruction label. It is solvent-free, so it has a limited impact on the natural environment.

This cold-applied bitumen primer is composed of bitumen, and volatile solvents for self-adhesive membranes, elastomeric bitumen, volatile solvents and resins. This primer is used as an adhesive layer for substrates including concrete, wood and metal, to ensure good adhesion of self-adhesive bituminous products.

This primer is cold-applied. Elastocol 500 is based on elastomeric bitumen and volatile solvents, and is used as an adhesive layer for substrates including concrete, and metal, to ensure good adhesion of SBS bituminous membranes.

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